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Oman, richness and diversity

Many are those who, mistakenly, think that tourism in Oman is limited only to a specific season or in narrow areas or in few fields. Others resume all the adventure activity only in mountains,canyons or deserts while, in fact, the reality is much more than that and the country is more generous that you can imagine.

The Sultanate is known for the richness and diversity of its natural environmental wealths and characterized by the multtiplicity of landscapes such as its wide and long virgin beaches, where exclusivity seekers can enjoy calm, warmth and freshness all year round ,by taking advantage of the moderate temperatures and by exploring the very attractive natural scenery which combines peaks ,fine sandy beaches, and turquoise crystal clear waters.

All of these elements enable us to create a continuous tourism activity throughout the year that associates the enjoyment of nature, sun and sea.

In this contexte,and in addition to the possibilty of reservations in the best inns directly overlooking the beach which provide the highest and finest hotel services in Oman, Inara Travels offers you a variety of programs to explore well all the charm of the Sultanate at any time of the yearyou want to travel. A kind of special activities that include summer sports and animation for all ages or marine adventures such as visiting beautiful uninhabited islands, diving,snorkeling ,discovering coral depths, traditional boat trips and the all new camping in wild beaches.

All those activitie and more are gathered only in one adress : Inara Travel.

So what are you wating for... choose your Oman trips and holidays, don’t hestate to call us and find out the adequate personalised program. corresponding to your expectetions and dream.