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Oman's tours and excursions in private

There is no doubt that in our company we consider all our guests as VIP’s, but,in an other side, we understand too, that some of our visitors want to get some privacy (couple,family or friends).

So, that's why we try here to offer them the same tours and excursions that we have in our list but in private and in a different way in which we care about their needs and about the smallest details to keep them satisfied.

With Inara Travels you can experience a personalized journey and/or a tailor-made tour in Oman also in a Private way. This type of itineraries are meticulously elaborated to respond to your preferences and choices, ensuring that privacy is always maintained.

From special offers to unique programs, we aim to bring you joy and happiness while you are visiting the wonderful Sultanate.So, let’s create together the special and the best tour that meets your travel expectations and makes your dreams come true.

Choose the tour that suits you best and call us to make private.

(Programs on request !)

private and tailor made tourism Oman