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13 Days
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The Magics of Oman tour


Come and discover in this tour in Oman the enchanting magics of the Sultanate. Marvel at the majestic mountains, pristine beaches, and vast deserts. Take a dip in the crystal clear waters of Wadi Shab, explore the ancient castles and forts of Nizwa, and experience traditional Omani culture at the vibrant Muttrah Souq. Be amazed by the stunning architecture of the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque and the beauty of the Al Hajar Mountains. And don't miss out on the incredible stargazing opportunities in the deserts of Bidiyah & Wahiba. Oman truly is a magical destination waiting to be explored.


Arrival in Muscat International Airport.Assistance at the airport and transfer to the hotel for check-in.

(night 01 in "Muscat").

Check-out from the hotel & drive along the charming coastal road till we arrive to the famous “Bimmah Sinkhole” an amazing big cavity filled with turquoise water that seems like an extraordinary crater engraved in the limestone. Then we will stop in "Fins" region where is located the majestic "Wadi Shab", a spectacular oasis spot in the middle of the high arid mountains. It is one of the most beautiful wadis or canyons known by its pools with clear deep blue water that excites every visitor to take a refreshing dip after a walking tour through the canyon. Free time to swim and take photos before we continue to “Sur”, one of the oldest cities of Oman that has played a prominent role in establishing a maritime trade activity across the “Gulf of Oman”“Arabian Sea” and “Indian Ocean”, forming business, economic & cultural exchanges between the "Arabian Peninsula" and the rest of the World. A panoramic view of the city before we stop at a traditional "Dhow" shipyard , where they are still using the artisanal ways to build those original boats known as the most robust ones in all the gulf region.

After an early dinner, Departure, again, for a night visit of "Ras Al Jinz” , the turtle sanctuary, where the  “green turtles” arrive at night on dry land to lay their eggs after a long journey of thousands of miles .Observation ,in situ,  of this natural phenomenon and then return to the hotel.

 (night 02 in "Sur"). 

After breakfast, we’ll take the road to “Wadi Bani Khalid", one of Oman's most beautiful "wadis" (river/canyon). This place has a clear blue water and counts among the few “wadis” of the Sultanate that holds water all along the year. From the mountain springs, the water is led to irrigate the oasis that contains the typical date palms. Free time to walk and swim into the fresh and crystalline water of the natural pools.

After the visit we will continue towards ''Wahiba Sands Desert" where the 4WD vehicles will be waiting for us for a special experience in which we live the adventure and raise the adrenaline by crossing the dunes of the “Sahara” and making bashing up and down through the golden sands until we reach our camp. Check-in, then we'll get a walk until the nearby dunes to enjoy a breath-taking sunset before our dinner. Night of serenity and tranquillity in the heart of the Sahara and under a starry sky.

(night 03 in the desert camp).         

After breakfast, check-out from the desert camp and first stop will be at "Ibra" one of the oldest villages of Oman, land of many famous ancient tribes of the “Sharqiyah Region” and an important historical centre of religion ,education and trade between tribes. A panoramic walk tour in the old village will allow us to discover its magnificent heritage before we continue towards "Nizwa", the cultural capital of Oman by excellence.

Visit of the very spectacular “Sooq of Nizwa" the traditional market, an authentic lively place of the town where we can discover how locals do their shopping according to auction from live animals to jewels & old daggers till fruits & vegetables. It is also the ideal location to purchase handicrafts and souvenirs. After enjoying the experience, we will access to the imposing "Nizwa Fort”, dating from the 17th century, with its massive circular cannon tower, one of the most impressive forts of Oman. Today, this very famous fort is a museum that displays the history of the monument itself and the surrounding area. This magnificent fortress was a base used by the militaries to hold off the hardest attacks and sieges. Walking through the fortress we’ll get to see amazing views of the ancient town and the nearby mountains. After the visit check-in the hotel.

(night 04 in "Nizwa"). 

Visit, in the morning, of "Jabreen Castle" built in the 17th century and one of the best preserved of its kind. Its magnificent plasterwork, carved doors and painted wooden ceiling beams make this castle a unique masterpiece of architecture.

Next, we will visit the historic city of "Bahla", one of the smallest and oldest cities of Oman, which was in the 12th century the capital of the tribes that lived in that region. A panoramic tour of the city before we visit its very famous and magnificent fortress, the oldest ever of all Oman with more than 3000 years old.

After the visit of the great “Bahla Fortress” we will go to the authentic village of “Misfat Al Abriyeen”, a unique mountain village located about 1,000 m above sea level and built between the gorges of the mountains. The village has incredible agricultural terraces, beautiful alleys and old houses built on the solid rocks. The combination of these elements gives the visitor to this wonderful place a dazzling view of the oasis and of the multiple terraces that are located a few steps from the town entrance.

Then we will visit the imposing "Jabal Shams", the “Mountain of the Sun”, where we will contemplate an unusual landscape and appreciate the impressive “Grand Canyon”, the biggest and deepest one of all Oman and one of the wonders of mother nature. Walking around, we will be surprised by the infinite beautiful views. Once finished the visit we will continue to “Muscat”.

(night 05 in "Muscat")

After breakfast, transfer to “Muscat “airport to take our flight to “Salalah”. Arrival and transfer to the hotel.

(night 06 in “Salalah”).

Pick-up from the hotel to begin our city tour. First visit will be the “Frankincense Land Museum", inaugurated in July 2007 close to “Al Balid" Archaeological Park, a UNESCO heritage site that makes part of “Dhofar” region.

Then we will continue our road through the green plantations of fruits & vegetables, with a brief stop at one of the fruit stalls lining the old streets and its “Souk” (market) called “Al Haffah” where we can taste an exotic fruit juice or a fresh coconut water drink before we enter to the main market famous for its high quality “Dhofari frankincense” whose very nice smell invades the entire place and where other local traditional handcrafts are exposed .After that we will visit the impressive "Sultan Qaboos Mosque" and get a panoramic view of the charming "Al Husn Palace" one of the official residences of the Sultan  

Return to the hotel.(night 07 in “Salalah”).

Our day begins with a visit of the old fishing village of "Taqah", known by its traditional old "Dhofari Houses" and the artisanal sardines drying. Then we will visit the old "Taqah Castle" which was the official residence of “Al Wali" (the Governor) and where we will obtain a detailed overview about the rich history of the region.

Visit, later, of the historic ruins of "Sumharam" (Khor Rori) this famous city that was the extreme eastern maritime outpost of the "Hadramawt Kingdom”, one of the important scales on the ancient incense route between the Mediterranean Sea, the Persian Gulf and India. "Khor Rori" was a strategic port on the coast of “Dhofar”, and one of the major trading cities, considered as the principal Frankincense shipping hub in Oman, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

A picturesque drive then, will lead us to "Mirbat", the ancient capital of "Dhofar" where the famous «Frankincense trail" begins. Once there we start our stroll across that way lined by old Omani houses and  till we reach the twin-domed “Bin Ali's Tomb" a small spiritual building distinguished by its medieval architecture that houses the tomb of one of prophet Muhammed descendants .Time for a photos before we continue. On the way back, we will stop in the ever green "Wadi Derbat" to explore the beautiful view

and begin a relaxing walk along the “Wadi” bed, invaded by herds of Camels, Goats & Cattle. In the “Khareef” period (the autumn season), one could also witness an almost 100m natural waterfall, spreading its tentacles into numerous lakes & lush green Vegetation. Return to our hotel.

(night 08 in “Salalah”).

We start the day by driving towards the "Qara" mountains, with its scenic view, superb natural beauties and tipical "Dhofari" rural life. We will visit the ancient tomb of the "Prophet Job" located in the impressive green mountains that dominate the “Salalah plains” and where we will get details about the legendary story of that divine person known by his piety and devoutness.

Then we will proceed to the beach of "Mughsail" where the white sand joins the blue of the ocean and where the waves burst through a natural "Blow Holes" a sort of caves or standpipes that eject the pressed water once the strong currents slam the waves against the "Rocky beach". After that we will continue along the sinuous road towards western border of Oman where we will admire the magnificent views of the ancient "Frankincense domains" and where the trees of this substance grow in their natural land, deep down in the valleys despite the hostile climatic and geographic conditions. We will make a medium-level hike and get a free time to swim in the sea. Afterwards, we will return to the hotel .

(night 09 in “Salalah”).

Pick up from the hotel after midday, direction the “Sahara”, the desert of sands, where we will enjoy the spectacular sunset on the dunes and where we will live the experience of preparing a nomad outdoor dinner on the open fire with a possibility to try the delicious dromedary meat. There we will enjoy the desert by night under a starry sky before reaching back the hotel.

(night 10 in “Salalah”).

Check out and pick up from the hotel to “Salalah” International airport for the departure to Muscat.Arrival at Muscat airport and transfert to the hotel.

(night 11 in “Muscat”).

A full day free to relax and enjoy the hotel accommodations Or possibility to realize an optional half day excursion to “Dimanyat Ilands” to discover this wonderful small archipelago, to snorkel in its crystal-clear turquoise waters and admire the beauties of its seabed. (Reservation and payment in situ during the principal tour!)

(nigth 12 in “Muscat”).

Check-out from the hotel and transfer you to Muscat International Airport as per the flight Schedule.


Muscat, Sur, Desert camp, Nizwa, Salalah
  • Pick up/ drop off and transfers IN/OUT. (Airport/Tour/Airport)
  • Official Professional English-Speaking Guide.
  • Transportation in a vehicle equipped with air conditioner (depending on the size of the group, transportation can be by 4x4/minivan/minibus/bus).
  • 4x4 vehicle for the Sahara and Dunes part. (If this service is mentioned in the initial program of the tour!)
  • Accommodation in local hotels sharing a double/twin room with breakfast included.
  • Accommodation in a tent in the desert (double/multiple: if this service is mentioned in the initial program of the tour!)
  • Entrances and visits fees mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Lunches/Dinners in local restaurants AND/OR in the passing hotels during the tour.
  • Visas and international flights.
  • All types of drinks throughout the circuit.
  • Visits/Services that are not mentioned in the program and/or in the details of the “includes” section.
Book magics of Oman tour
Book magics of Oman tour
Book magics of Oman tour
Book magics of Oman tour
Book magics of Oman tour
Book magics of Oman tour
Book magics of Oman tour
Book magics of Oman tour
Book magics of Oman tour
Book magics of Oman tour
Book magics of Oman tour
Book magics of Oman tour