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Discover Salalah
Once in a lifetime Expériences

All the region of Dhofar, and especially Salalah , is one of the most attractive places in the Sultanate of Oman for tourists from all over the world because of the prominent historical heritage ,the natural potential and the touristic facilities . In addition, it is the only place within the Sultanate that is characterized by a mild and refreshing weather throughout the year, which qualifies it to be one of the most important tourist hub and unique in all the Sultanate. It is the center of attraction and interest for many tourists around the world for its beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes and integrated luxury hotels.

With Inara Travel you’ll have various trips and activities that facilitate exploring this wonderful region of the Sutanate..So welcome..choose your Oman Tours and excursions in Salalah, come and let’s discover together its charm and beauty.