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Exotic alhoota cave

Exotic alhoota cave

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You will find the spectacular “AlHoota Cave” in the southern part of Al Jabal Al Akhdar (Green Mountain) ,located near Wilayat Al Hamra in Ad A’Dakhiliyah Governorate. The journey takes two hours’ drive from Muscat and half an hour drive from Nizwa. Alhoota Cave was discovered years ago by local residents and it’s named after the village where it is situated.
The cave that extends 5 kilometersundergroundmay be accessed only for a distance of 860 meters that ends at the Cave Lake. Visitors get to experience the claim that caves are the underground equivalent of the landscapes one sees from above the ground, like valleys, streams and springs.There are two holes in this cave, AlHoota hole is the one through which water cascading from the mountain top comes in and it get out through the AlFalaah)hole.The water flowing through the caveconnects cave passageways.

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    Full Day Tour

More Information

AlHoota Cave Lake:
Located at the end of a footpath, AlHoota Cave Lake is 20 metres deep with many parts with even deeper regions and is believedtoextend up to Tanuf Valley in wilayatNizwa. The lake is home to several species of blind fish, that have long bristles to sense their food, and other fish species have very small eyes. The lake also homes a rare type of blind fish that is translucent pink in colourand you can see its skeleton.

Trip Includes:
Instructor and full equipment (Helmet -Climbing belt -Climbing ropes)
Transport to/from
Water / soft drinks
Picnic lunch
First aid

What to carry/wear:
Small and suitable backpack, waterproof camera or case!
Sportswear + Athletic Shoe.
Lighting lamps (head lamp + flashlight flashlight + reserve + spare battery)
It is advisable to bring a medium sized back- pack so that you can carry your water
Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes to swim in and bring a change of clothes for the journey back.
Light comfortable trainers. (which will get wet)

Tour plan

  • 01 Day 1

    One hour walk inside very large and roomy cave that does not require any part of it crawling. However, the presence of large rocks in the path of the valley may require passengers to go down and to sometimes jumpor climb at certain places, and we have rope ready with us all the time. The end of the cave is where you find lake.You have enjoy the beauty of this serene lake. After an hour we’ll get back to the cave entrance.

    Times :
    Hotel pick-up at 6am
    Hotel drop-off by 4pm

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