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Dumbfounding desert safari in oman

Dumbfounding desert safari in oman


About 82% of Omanis covered by desert and sand, and because of the extremely dry and hot environment it is almost impossible for flora, fauna or humans to survive in such conditions.  A large part of this area is known in Arabic as Rub al Khali which means the Empty Quarter, and it takes up substantial portions of Saudi Arabia, Yemen and the United Arab Emirates. Earlier inhabitants of these deserts were theBedouin tribes who later started dwelling in towns on the borders of the desert. You will find the Wahiba sands, also known as the Sharqiyah sands, to thenorth east of the Empty Quarter.You will find around 3,000 Bedu families from different tribes here. The Wahiba sands is an abode to many species of plants, birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians.

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    Full Day Tour

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Trip includes:
Transport to/from
Water / soft drinks
Picnic lunch
First Aid

What to carry/wear:
Sun cream, sunglasses, hat, camera or case!
It is advisable to bring a medium sized back- pack so that you can carry your water

Tour plan

  • 01 Day 1

    Meet the Omani Guide at 7:45am after breakfast at the hotel. A 2 hours’drive toWahiba Sands through the mountains passing through Sumail Gap and across the desert plains through the townships of Bidbid, Al Qabil and Ibra, and then visit the abandoned village of Al Mansfah near Ibra and then continue the drive to the golden sands. The great Wahiba Sands are located in dunes running south from the Eastern Hajars to the Arabian Sea. Indulge in the picturesque beauty of Dune Bashing on the golden sand dunes and thenvisit the local Bedouin have Omani Coffee and Camel rides before heading back home!

    Times :
    pick-up at 8am (or to suit if 3+ guests)
    drop-off by 5 pm

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